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"Due to these plain songs Platon advises to avoid the use of many-stringed and multiharmonious tools" 1 He leaves lira, a cithara and pastushesky pipes, and a flute in the perfect state to accept expels. Perhaps, this fact is an echo of the events occurring at a boundary of the V-VI centuries BC when the flute was forbidden as came to opinion that it excites pupils.

According to V. S. Nersesyants "the purpose of the platonovsky myth consists in proving obedience of agreement of opinion of a brotherhood of citizens and at the same time their inequality in structure of the ideal policy" 2 A from the point of view of V.A. Gutorov, Platon enters "elements of the gesiodovsky story — as a basis for creation of a tendentious ideological design" 2 Both remarks are quite fair.

Frolov E.D. considers that "the principle of class corporationism peculiar to antique civil society found, thus, in Platon the excellent defender and an obosnovatel", "but only for a ruling class" 1

As a conclusion, it is possible to note that providing serious changes in social structure of the policy, Platon, nevertheless, remains the supporter of former system of sheet values that, undoubtedly, was caused by historical realities of his time. Despite the crisis endured by the Greek policies, old norms of public life and morals continued to work and had impact on Platon's views about education.