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Now the pseudo-German system exists only within very large and reliable construction organizations. Therefore still such did not happen. However if this system extends more widely and also other organizations, construction stop cases because of shortage of means not to avoid will start adopting experience of creation of the pseudo-German mortgage system. Considering that in the pseudo-German system the client has even no theoretical opportunity to withdraw invested funds (unless bricks from a wall to dig up), its collapse can cause big social shocks.

If we want that we created real system of a mortgage, but the rough parody to the western models which is not constantly balancing too close to the foul, it is necessary to create for this purpose special conditions. First of all the mortgage needs to be provided with sources of financial resources.

Thus, there is a pseudo-German mortgage scheme externally very similar to the real German: the client during the period of accumulation makes contributions for the sum equal to a half of cost of the apartment, then receives the apartment, then pays equal shares the cost of the second half of the apartment.