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Providing the management of a necessary stationery (glue, paper clips,, etc.), paper is among organizational operations of a secretarial. At equipment of a workplace of a organizers the secretary provides their operational state and necessary leaving (for example, zachekhleny their after work, dust removal, etc.) for what resorts to the help of staff of specialized divisions of the organization, and in case of their absence — to services of the specialized organizations.

Important element of the organizational party of service is ensuring personal contacts of the management with visitors. Such providing is conducted in an of the following groups of visitors: citizens, of this organization, employees of the related and third-party organizations.

In case of issue of documents (affairs) in a temporary the secretary makes a card deputy which is stored in business until return of the document then it is withdrawn and destroyed. On a card deputy search data of the given-out material are specified and with obligatory interpretation the personal signature of the who received material, number of its office phone and the office address are put down date of issue and the expected return.

Improves composition of air, removes visual exhaustion the gardening of service premises which is at the same time and an esthetic element of an interior. At a choice of it is necessary to consider placement of service premises concerning parts of the world, and also temperature condition and humidity of air. Color and forms of plants have to with color of coloring of rooms and the equipment placed in them.

At equipment of a workplace of the secretary technical means, specialized furniture and other it is necessary to provide opportunities for flexible use of technical means; the maximum, storage of personal belongings, arrangement of working and additional tables and curbstones in various, storages of various data carriers, in that of microfilms and magnetic tapes, modular expansion of the available tables, cases, etc., and also for creation of different levels of height of working surfaces of furniture with one height of a support for feet.

If the size of expenses on official journey ( on hiring of premises and journey to a place of a and back) is known in advance, payment of these with the consent of the sent workers is made without submission of supporting documents.

In case performance secretarial an is assigned to special division, the provision on such division and duty regulations on employees of this division are formed.

Formation of affairs with documents of temporary terms of a can be conducted simply. It is allowed to leave in folders, not to number sheets and not to do in this regard a zaveritelny inscription. On affairs with a temporary period of storage the inventory is not formed, their account is kept according to the nomenclature of affairs.