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the peak of their development comes after peak of development of the diatomy. Sometimes this peak is observed even when concentration of mineral substances is sharply reduced. Really, as we just spoke, these flagellates use both mineral salts, and particles of organic food. It is known that they eat ciliary infusorians (Ciliata) and other flagellates. Peridine meet in mass quantity generally in the warm seas where they serve excellent

Fingerlings of okunevy fishes (pike perch, perch and ruff), the most sensitive to the content in water of the dissolved oxygen perish generally. Karpov' whitebaits of fishes (the bream, a sazan, an ide, titmouses, a guster, small fry, etc.) in the summer, in the period of a nagul, keep mainly in a zone of thickets of the shipped plants where blue-green vodoros-usually it is not enough or not absolutely.