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Hypererethism or excessive vigilance. So, children become hyperactive, they cannot remain sitting on a place, constantly fidget, show concern. But there can be also an increased vigilance when the child constantly checks, whether there are his things on a place, whether he closed the apartment, etc.

Tendency to samodistruktivny behavior. Being engaged in a, doing itself harm, physical pain, the child as if helps itself to return to real life as in the thoughts and feelings it constantly stays in the endured injuring. It is easier to endure physical pain to it, than to feel mental anguish. Besides, they consider themselves bad and voluntary punish themselves.

- there is a feeling of dissimilarity on others, rejection, dispassionateness and loneliness. Especially these feelings are painfully endured by teenagers who owing to their age want to be similar to contemporaries, to feel feeling of a community, belonging to any group;

The main thing, in all cases to manage it is correctly to define a real mental condition of the child, to allocate the main factors, his characteristics in each case, and to remember that it is possible for it and it is necessary to help.