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Applied directly in products, and also for washing of the production equipment water has to conform to all requirements imposed to drinking water. It is necessary that it had true taste and transparency, was safe on bactericidal structure and harmless according to the content of chemicals.

Salt has to be flavourless and without the foreign mechanical impurity noticeable approximately. Water solution has to be neutral on litmus. Table salt is subdivided into grades: extra, the highest, the first and second

Wheat flour of the first grade contains much more amino acids, including irreplaceable, than in a premium flour. So in 100 g of proteins of a flour of the first grade 34 g of irreplaceable amino acids and 73,6 g replaceable when in a premium flour their contents makes 28,9 and 66,5 g according to contain. It is fast (degree of compliance of amino-acid structure of a product to structure ideal wheat flour on a lysine makes 44% for the premium and 50% for the first grade.

Carry candies, chocolate and cocoa to the sugar products, marmelado-pastilny products, caramel, halvah, an iris, a dragee, east sweets. The main component in a compounding of these products is sugar. The group of flour confectionery includes cookies, gingerbreads, wafers, ship's biscuits, a cracker, cakes, rolls, pies, cakes. These products also differ in the high content of sugar, however the main component of a compounding by their production in most cases (an exception – products from sbivny the test is a flour.

The mass fraction of a crude gluten in a flour is one of the most important indicators of its quality and there have to be in a premium flour not lower than 28%. Quality of a crude gluten is regulated in a flour also. It has to be not below the second group.